CQRS + Event Sourcing — microservice patterns

  • Root (sub)domain — most important part of your domain — the $$$ maker — key generator for the business
  • Supporting — associated to the business but not a differentiator.
  • Generic — not really specific to the business
  • A concept that exists in a solution space
  • A software programing model which is applied to a specific domain (problem area)
  • Aggregate
  • Aggregate root
  • Entity
  • Value object
  • Domain event
  • Possibility to integrate with external systems using events (events are our API and external system must understand them; of course, we aren’t obliged to publish all events to the integration event hub, but only ones that are publicly important)
  • Opportunity to create query models from historical data (as opposed to CRUD’s last update state)
  • Audit log (trail of updates made to any piece of data in the system)
  • Decoupled side-effects (a command service that emits events can be decoupled from any logic expected to materialize on certain updates)
  • Assisted debugging and troubleshooting




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Carlo @ crldev.software

Carlo @ crldev.software

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